Living With Alport Syndrome


All Alport syndrome patients develop kidney problems. Working with dietitians can help ensure that Alport syndrome patients obtain the necessary nutrition while minimizing strain on the kidneys. Doctors can put patients on a low-salt, low-animal-protein diet and help them manage high blood pressure and cholesterol. They can also encourage exercise.

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Depending on the age when symptoms appear, they can influence the education of a child. Hearing loss can make it more difficult for children to engage in school lessons, leading them to become disruptive. Additionally, children should have frequent eye checks to follow any deterioration in vision. A tailored education plan can help make teachers aware of any issues the student has so they can plan accordingly.

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Traveling can be a challenge for Alport patients and their families, and there are a number of things that may need to be considered before taking a trip. This includes maintaining a heart-healthy diet while traveling and keeping up with dialysis treatments. Patients should always carry their medical information with them so they can receive treatment if necessary, as well as their medications.

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