Stem Cell Therapy Improves Kidney Function in Mice Model of Alport Syndrome

Chorionic stem cells are able to differentiate into a specialized type of kidney cells both in the laboratory and when injected into the abdomen of a mouse model of Alport syndrome, showed a study published in the scientific journal Stem Cells and Development. This means that chorionic stem cells may offer hope for Alport syndrome patients in the future by delaying the development of kidney disease or even treating the condition by replacing defective kidney cells.

Alport Syndrome Improved by Pentraxin-2 in Animal Model Study

Scientists have found that a recombinant human protein, pentraxin-2 (rhPTX-2), slows progression of kidney disease in mice with Alport syndrome, extends lifespan by 20% and reduces blood markers indicating kidney failure. These findings suggest a potential alternative therapy for chronic fibrotic kidney disease. Prior research has suggested…